The Most Common Type Of Cancer In The USA Today

prostate cancer

The most common type of cancer in the USA today is skin cancer, but to a lot of people’s dismay, prostate cancer is now the second most feared type of cancer, and it’s killing at least 30,000 people annually. So what is prostate cancer?

Our body starts its life as an individual cell which regularly divides to create new tissues. As the cells division proceeds, so do the recently created cells working as the building blocks of the body develop themselves into walls of cells forming the different parts that we identify as the human body, nevertheless, the process does not end. Throughout our lives, our anatomies change continuously with old cells deteriorating and dying, and other fresher cells are continuing the process of division to change them.

However, if the process of division fails to follow the correct pattern, and a cell divides incorrectly forming two cells which tend not to carry the right information for it to work correctly, it frequently causes a chain reaction, these cells subsequently start to divide, forming further faulty cells.

That’s the basis of all cancers and, where defective cell division occurs in the prostate gland, then your result is prostate cancer.

The prostate gland is like the size of a walnut. It sits between the bladder and the rectum and partly surrounds the urethra, the tube which carries urine from the bladder. The primary function is to create and store a clean fluid which makes up about 30 % of male semen.

Although the first thing we think about whenever prostate is a topic is cancer. Presently, several other issues can affect the prostate gland; most of them are not life-threatening and are curable.

Prostate cancer is not common in males under the age of forty. Although the possibility of finding it in men between the age range of 40 and 65 is not entirely ruled out, almost all prostate cancer instances arise in men older than 65.

On many occasions, the progress of the ailment is slower, and early-stage prostate cancer frequently carries few if any detectable symptoms. Because of this, many men can experience prostate cancer for a long time before they discover it, and the average age at which medical diagnosis is carried out in the USA is presently 70.

Prostate cancer can be effectively cured in its early stage, either by medical operation or radiation therapy (radiotherapy). While such treatment could leave its mark regarding ongoing issues with urination, degradation, or lack of sexual function, cancer will most likely not return.

There could be issues during diagnosis if the prostate cancer has advanced and spread to other parts of the body, in most cases through the lymphatic system.  In most cases, an operation, radiation therapy, and perhaps hormone therapy will help in treating it, but cancer will most likely reappear.

Perhaps the most significant challenge has to do with men. Most men don’t declare their actual state of health they would rather suffer in silence and only visit the doctor when things get out of control.

Fortunately, things are changing in our society, though slowly, and as a growing number of men are turning to their doctors once they discover that something is wrong. Instead of waiting until things deteriorate, hopefully, early diagnosis of prostate cancer will result in fewer deaths every year from this treatable but often ignored disease.

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